Reality Manifestos - Can Dialectics Break Bricks?

A study of détournement as Art Forms

|<<  |  second lecture by Nicola Ruffo, with Esther Kempf

Museum Halls, WUK, Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Wien

Symposium from 19 - 20 January 2012. (Exhibition at Kunsthalle Exnergasse 19 January - 3 March 2012)

Lectures at the Symposium

Documentary Strategies in Art Films

by Nicola Ruffo

What is fiction and what is reality? Cinematic reality is constructed, authenticity is created. In the programme «Inspired by Reality», you can see works that pose more questions than they answer. Artists play with the formal rules of documentary filmmaking – true to Jean-Luc Godard's motto: «We from the New Wave have never distinguished documentary from fiction.» The contemporary artists are thereby addressing a topic that has already been relevant for a few years now in our media society: the media coverage of the Iraq war and reality TV series have demonstrated that the photographed and the filmed image has long ceased to be a guarantee for truth or authenticity.


Based on the Film Programme "Inspired by Reality," 2010, International Film Festival Winterthur.

Magnetic Movie - Semiconductor
United Kingdom 2007 / 5' / Colour / English

Flag Mountain - John Smith
United Kingdom 2010 / 8' / Colour / No dialogue

The Mackeys - Stephan Lugbauer
Austria 2010 / 23' / Full HD / Colour, Sound / English

The Hairy Horror - George Kuchar
USA 2009 / 9' / Colour / English without subtitles

Play Girl - Joanna Rytel
Albania 2009 / 6'28'' / Colour / English without subtitles

Apnoe - Harald Hund, Paul Horn
Austria 2011 / 10' / Colour / No Dialogue

Nicola Ruffo is an independent curator based in Zurich. He is the founder and director of "Kunstverein Zürich" which runs the project space "Wäscherei", and one of the curators of the International Short Film Festival in Winterthur. |