Reality Manifestos - Can Dialectics Break Bricks?

A study of détournement as Art Forms


Museum Halls, WUK, Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Wien

Symposium from 19 - 20 January 2012. (Exhibition at Kunsthalle Exnergasse 19 January - 3 March 2012)

Lectures at the Symposium

The Détournement of Form as Alteration of Matter

by Boyan Manchev

New Materialism could only start by facing the question of Forms. It is impossible to face the question of form without relating it to question of technique. The question of technique as emancipatory device is only possible as question of politics of use of technique and therefore of invention of new tekhnai, of new practices of doing. Is détournement such a practice of form? Boyan Manchev formulates and proposes an initial articulation of these strong theoretical questions by approaching a few cinematographic sequences related to the figure of the spider – a monster weaving a new body.

Boyan Manchev is a philosopher, Professor at UdK (Berlin) and NBU (Sofia), former Vice-President and Director of Program of the Collège international de philosophie (Paris). Among his recent books are "Miracolo" (Lanfranchi, 2011), "L'altération du monde. Pour une esthétique radicale" (Lignes, 2009), "La métamorphose et l'instant – désorganisation de la vie" (La Phocide, 2009).