Reality Manifestos - Can Dialectics Break Bricks?

A study of détournement as Art Forms


Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Währinger Straße 59, 2nd Staircase, 1st Floor, 1090 Wien

19 January - 3 March 2012. Opening on 18 January, 19h.

Works in the Exhibition

Sabina Baumann (CH)

Sabina Baumann, lives and works in Zurich. Besides her individual exhibition activity and art production both on a national and international level, she has initiated and co-organized various collective art and film projects, such as the 1996 "erotisch, aber indiskret" (erotic, but indiscreet), a series of events on art, feminism and pornography. Since 2002, in collaboration with Karin Michalski from Berlin under the "label" Casual a variety of projects took place on the topic of gender and sexual identity, among them the feature-length experimental docu "Working on it" (2007).

home cinema selfs (2011)

Installation, diverse media

Sabina Baumann's installation deals with the social impact of television as an agent carrying multiple standardization, mastering a new spectatorship in which emerges the post-war mass-consumerist society together with the so-called nuclear family and an explosion of processes linked to the new arrangement of society, such as housing developments, or the mass accessibility of commodities and technological devices in the Western world.

"The origins of my art and thinking comes from reading comics and the fact that I belong to the first TV generation. TV mirrored me society and created the ambivalent relation to the stereotypes and myths that I have. TV, later computers, are sampling machines by zapping/surfing. Usually people read me as woman. If I had a beard, most people would see me as a freak, I guess. The layers of me and TV stars show creatures that come close to a psychic realism." (S. B.)

Sabina Baumann: home cinema selfs (2011)

home cinema selfs (2011)

Installation, diverse media

Courtesy the artist